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Kgalagadi Outdoor stock only the best quality products and accessories for your outdoor and 4x4 adventures.

We supply and fit a range of 4x4 accessories, camping equipmtent, tents, dual battery systems and LED lights.

Kgalagadi Outdoor was the result of my passion for extreme camping in wild, untamed and unfenced camps in the Botswana and Namibia.

Camping and outdoor living is a natural tradition in our country. From the novice to the expert camper, we are able to assist in every facet of fitting you out with the necessary accessories so as to make your adventure as simple, safe and comfortable as possible.

We supply the accessories which make the luxury of an outdoor adventure a regular necessity.

We make surviving the wild seem like a day of blissful relaxation in a spa.

We fit Rooftop Tents